“You did an amazing thing.” Thank you!

“You did an amazing thing,” David Peet says. “I cannot thank you enough.”

Because of the scholarships that donors made possible, David’s kids Kathryn (pictured right), Leo, and Nate got to experience the magic of Camp de Benneville Pines youth camps this summer.

“They had a wonderful experience,” he continues. “They got to reconnect with old friends and they got to make new friends from all over. I am so grateful and I hope they get to go back next year. Regardless, thank you!”

David has been on disability for four years. He and his husband Michael just could not have afforded to send their kids to camp otherwise. Indeed, more than 30 families benefited from the scholarship programs for elementary, middle, and high school summer camps this year.

It is SO important for kids like David’s to be able to get offline and connect in nature, learn, and grow, together with others.

Every kids belongs at camp.

In addition to general scholarships, this year Camp de Benneville Pines launched a Rainbow Family Scholarship Fund. This fund will aid families at specialized camps like Rainbow Family Camp (for LGBTQ parents and their kids) and Camp Transcend (for families with transgender kids). These camps offer an extraordinary community of support for campers, where they don’t feel alone as kids with LBGTQ parents…or as parents of trans kids.

We are honored to offer a safe space in nature for all people to revel in nature, nurture spirits and build community (regardless of how you identify or who you love).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from all of us at Camp de Benneville Pines.



Camp de Benneville Pines (Tax ID 95-2143254) is an independent 501c3 nonprofit that fosters spiritual and personal growth, environmental stewardship, leadership development, and social justice and action.

Contributions fuel camp improvements and fund scholarships that help keep camp welcoming and accessible for all. Find out how you can help here. 

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