A Report from The Wild Things at Elementary Camp!

A Wild Thing prepares for the rumpus!

Elementary Camp’s “Where the Wild Things Are” was all about connecting with nature and our wild selves while exploring play, spirituality, and our interdependent web.

It’s always beautiful to see the first timers intentionally integrated into the camper community. And in a comfortable space, everyone got to experience new things: art, meditation, yoga, camp songs, and skits.

Campers pause to smile for the camera

We challenge our campers to work with new people on teams of all kinds. Worship teams planned worship services every day. The kids got to decide where to hold worship. They got to set the mood, theme, pick songs, and decide the readings and reflections.

It is so inspiring for kids at a young age to get in touch with their spirituality!

Campers head to worship at the Law Pavilion

A new team experience gave the kids a sense of pride and ownership in de Benneville Pines assembling in Camp Improvement Groups. New and old friends worked to create new trails, replenish first aid kids, and audit cabin safety (pointing out loose screws or splintered wood on decks) around camp.

Pots become take-home chalices

Of course we did tie dye. We made chalices. We played games of all kinds. And we created a rock economy, where we learned negotiating and conflict resolution as well as how a marketplace can work.

Friday, we held a Wild Rumpus, complete with a feast! We decorated. The kids made Wild Thing costumes and we had a great party in the lodge.

The feast before the Wild Rumpus!

It’s magic the way that camp creates such a powerful space and loving community for everyone.

We had a few open spaces this year, so if a kid from your family or congregation is completing grade 2-5 next year, come on up! We’ll have a wonderful time.

— as told to JW by Grayson Gothard, staff counselor

Thanks for the update, Grayson!

If it’s important to you that kids have a place to get offline and play and explore nature, click here to support Camp today.


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