Camp de Benneville 2020 Vision

If you are reading this, there’s a good probability that Camp de Benneville Pines has made its mark on you. In the past 60 years, men and women (many who started coming to camp as kids) have experienced formative moments and made treasured memories at our beloved retreat center.

Now is the time to plan for the future so camp is strong for for those who will follow. We have the opportunity to secure camp’s future. And we’re calling it 2020 Vision.


Convert our aging facility to a premier, sustainable and accessible camp with optimal housing for staff and campers, along with comfortable accommodations, bountiful collaborative and recreational resources, and powerful sacred space.

Support inventive programming that strengthens family and community bonds and promotes Unitarian Universalist values including acceptance, wonder, joy, interdependence, and environmental stewardship.

Invest in personnel and infrastructure that will sustain camp as it appeals to an evolving constituency, while maintaining camp’s stories and memories.

You can make your mark on camp with a leadership investment to underwrite any of these initiatives, all or in part.

Contact Jacki Weber ( or 310.849.5835) to learn more.

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