de Benneville Volunteer Opps

Camp de Benneville Pines has a small team of paid staff year-round and a limited number of
seasonal staff for the summer season. But volunteer opportunities abound to support
our mountain retreat and share the joy and fellowship of camp with our youth.

Camp de Benneville Pines Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not
discriminate with regard to race, sexual orientation or gender identity.


de Benneville Pines Volunteer

Twice a year we invite 25 to 50 energetic souls to come up the hill and give our camp a little TLC. Readying camp for a new season might include raking leaves, painting buildings, cleaning out rain gutters, stacking wood, and dusting out the cobwebs. It’s great to get out in the fresh air and get a bit of a workout. You must be able to work strenuously at 6,800 feet elevation. Food and lodging are provided as compensation for your hard work. This invitation is open to all who treasure our camp, age 11 (with responsible adult) and up!

Check out the calendar to see the next opportunity to pitch in:


de Benneville Camp Counselors

Adult Coordinators

Winter and summer, Unitarian Universalist–oriented youth camps attract adult volunteers from throughout the Pacific Southwest District to serve as Camp Ministers, Deans, and YRUU Advisors. The Congregational Life Staff at the PSWD coordinates these giving individuals who lead and inspire our campers – and learn something along the way.

Contact the Camping Ministries Director for more information about these opportunities.


We conduct training for teen counselors who spend the days and nights with their group of campers, supervising as well as supporting them and providing a great camp experience overall. Among trained counselors, the ties to camp are strong. Counselors often return to volunteer well into their 20s, ensuring that the next generation has a rich and relevant camp experience.

Health Supervisors

Registered nurses and other medical professionals have the opportunity to support young campers in their Camp de Benneville Pines experience. Health Supervisors provide care and first aid for campers and staff and oversee the administration of medications to campers and teenage staff. In this remote wilderness setting, campers and staff occasionally require emergency treatment. The Health Supervisor is required to travel with emergent patients and oversee diagnostics and treatment at a healthcare facility.

The Health Supervisor also organizes paperwork and works closely with the Camp Director to ensure safe and healthy conditions for all staff and campers. These positions are most-often volunteers.

Contact Camp Director Janet James to discuss these opportunities.

Youth Camp Counselors
Camp Friends
de Benneville Coordinators


Become an Ambassador of de Benneville Pines

We hear again and again that de Benneville Pines is a cherished destination for all who come. Kids have formative experiences here. Adults find comfort, strength and new beginnings at camp at critical times in their lives. If you have ever told a friend about de Benneville Pines, shared a photo you’ve taken, re-posted on social media or given out our promotional materials –you’re already an ambassador.


  • Distribute printed materials at your congregation
  • Share news of de Benneville Pines on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Hold a Super Camp Sunday at your congregation in March or October as we ramp up for Summer and Winter camps.

We have a special Facebook group and other ways for you to connect with fellow Ambassadors.

Want to make your Ambassadorship official?

Thank you so much for promoting this beloved camp. With you on our side we’ll keep camp full and happy.

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