Most of all, Camp is a feeling

By Cynthia Littleton Camp de Benneville Pines is many things to the thousands of people who visit every year. It’s a haven for Unitarian Universalists, a high-altitude respite from urban sprawl, an opportunity to remember what…

Because of you Camp's water storage future is secure!

Hallelujah! All the water we need! With the help of more than 200 supporters who stepped up this year, Camp will have a new water tank in 2018! It will help keep 4,000 campers hydrated and clean. It will keep our pool full --…

You can help with the
final push to secure
Camp de Benneville Pines'
water storage future.

Janet and Daisy show off the site of our new water tank.   In the picture above, you see Janet and Daisy sitting on the site of the future new water tank. Behind them is our 55 year-old tank that is just not cutting it in…
water tank

Keep the water flowing at
Camp de Benneville Pines!

CAMP'S WATER STORAGE SITUATION IS SUCH A CHALLENGE...   How much of a challenge is it? Last year, during the extended drought, de Benneville Pines spent thousands of dollars trucking in water from another source, just…
Janet & Daisy Monthly Giving de Benneville Pines

Easy Monthly Giving Comes to
Camp de Benneville Pines!

Become a “Camp Conservationist” Today!   I’m excited to invite you to join a new program that makes it super easy to support the camp that nurtures you. All year long, countless volunteers and our dedicated staff work…