Leasing Camp de Benneville

In addition to serving the Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Pacific Southwest District, Camp de Benneville Pines welcomes corporate and group retreats for an authentic wilderness-camp experience. The focus is on school and home-school groups along with other family-oriented groups and youth-leadership organizations.

We can accommodate 20 to 200 campers of all ages for spiritual retreats, interest groups, youth camps, meetings, wellness retreats, and more. Guests draw strength from the mountains and pines and return to work, school, and home with a fresh perspective. The clean air and “comfort camping” accommodations disconnect everyday stressors and encourage mindfulness of the projects and people at hand.

While some small-group retreats are for adults only, most are family-centered with creative and outdoor activities for all ages. Programming and registration are arranged and administered by the lessee, so they’re tailored to accommodate your specific theme or goals.

Exceptional cafeteria-style dining accommodates healthy appetites, including vegan selections. (Very small groups may have the option to prepare their own meals.) Multiple meeting spaces and plenty of outdoor fun encourage teambuilding, free expression and closer connections. Evening presentations at the amphitheater are awash in firelight and the adventure of darkness. Our chapel beneath the towering pines lends an extraordinary sacredness to destination weddings.

Founded on the welcoming principles of Unitarian Universalism, Camp de Benneville Pines continues to impart its spirit of appreciation, respect, and serenity long after our guests return home. It’s our mission to inspire the individual and strengthen the community.

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