Oragnization Camp de Benneville

De Benneville Pines, Inc was established in 1994 as a public benefit nonprofit corporation (tax ID 95-2143254) to provide a mountain retreat where Unitarian Universalist principles and values are lived and celebrated in community.

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Camp de Benneville Pines welcomes UUs and kindred spirits to connect in nature, igniting creativity and  building capacity to influence positive change in the world.


Camp de Benneville Pines is a potent force for healing in our communities and in our environment.


We build community within and among Unitarian Universalist congregations, providing campers with tools to extend Unitarian Universalist Principles and influence in the larger world.

We prepare, empower, and inspire our youth on their path to becoming exemplary adults with socially conscious hearts, civically involved minds, and a bias to action.

We harness our natural environment to promote collaboration, creativity, and constructive change, while making room for reflection and solitude.

We ignite a passion for environmental protection, exposing our families and youth to the wonder of nature and and promoting good stewardship of the earth.

We provide leadership opportunities to people of all ages and promote volunteer engagement.



We cherish and want to preserve our natural environment
We promote play and recreation in life-affirming ways
We encourage lifelong learning and spiritual growth
We can build beloved community
We can change the world for the better


GIRL SCOUTS OF LA/OC – Troops from across Southern California venture to Camp de Benneville Pines in winter months to develop their potential as courageous, confident and character-driven leaders…and to play in the snow.

RAINBOW FAMILIES – Rainbow Family Camps and Camp Transcend attract hundreds of families each year for life affirming activities in the wilderness in a community of mutual support. Whether it’s kids who get to experience a weekend of freedom in the company of others with LGBTQ parents, or families with transgender kids who get to meet others just like them, families feel true acceptance at Camp de Benneville Pines.

CHARTER ELEMENTARIES AND HOMESCHOOL COMMUNITIES – Camp helps nearly 1,000 charter and homeschool kids have a safe and educational wildlife experience in winter and summer months.

CAMP BRAVO – Camp Bravo partners with Camp de Benneville Pines each year to provide young people, ages 10 – 18, interested in the performing arts with a beautiful outdoor setting and a safe non-competitive environment in which to immerse themselves in the thrill of performing. Taught by seasoned professionals, young artists will explore their creativity, discover new talents, and have fun!

PSWD OF THE UUA – The 50+ UUA member churches situated in the Pacific Southwest District (Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona) have long supported Camp through their PSWD Fair Share contributions. In recent years, congregations have funded a Camping Ministries Director position to help make our youth camps the best they can be.

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