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“Happy campers” look forward to returning year after year to make new memories and discover new friendships and possibilities. Summer and winter camps for youth and families abound with natural and creative experiences. A welcoming community of peers uplifts individuals to discover new horizons within and without. Families unplug and unwind, forging fresh bonds in the natural beauty of the wilderness.

Adult camps and retreats are organized by groups of passionate volunteers around specific interests and love of camp. They draw musicians, artists, yoga enthusiasts, and those just needing fellowship or time for self-reflection.

Come to live your values – and enjoy what you value – more fully.


Just for UU Governance Buffs

Here's a look at Camp de Benneville Pines Bylaws Revisions in advance of our annual business meeting De Benneville Pines, Inc' board of directors is updating Camp's bylaws.Here's the full legislative markup comparing proposed changes…

Throwback Thursday - The Spirit of Camp de Benneville Pines

Thanksgiving Camper Denise Letgers just unearthed "The Spirit of Camp de Benneville Pines" from a video vault and uploaded it to Vimeo. By the looks of the kids in this film, it dates back to something…

Support that Camp that nourishes you - and double the impact of your donation

  I’m writing today to share news from Camp de Benneville Pines! Generous donors are offering up to $10,000 in matching funds to support campus improvements and…

Most of all, Camp is a feeling

By Cynthia Littleton Camp de Benneville Pines is many things to the thousands of people who visit every year. It’s a haven for Unitarian Universalists, a high-altitude respite from urban sprawl, an opportunity to remember what…
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